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Theatre: Wenn die gondeln Trauer tragen (don’t look now)

Published November 17, 2016 • Share on Facebook


Today November 17th 2016 we start rehearsing here in Gothenburg for the coming up theatre production at Saarländisches Staatstheater in Saarbrücken, Germany that we are involved in. I (Pär) has spent the last 3 months to write the musical score – premiering on January 15th we will take part in the very performances on stage. This time not only as musicians, but acting small parts as well. Ooops!

Wenn die gondeln Trauer tragen, or “Don’t look now” as the english title reads, will be based upon a shirt story by Dauphne du Maurier 
who also for instance wrote “the birds” upon which the famous Hitchcock movie was based.
Don’t look now  was filmed in 1973 by director  Nicolas Roeg in a for the time very experimental style with rough cuts and a somewhat interrupted timeline. The 1973 film production was a horror/thriller just as the original short story.

In short terms Don’t look now is a psychological thriller about a couple who lose a child in an accident; an interpretation of their inner processes, and how  human minds relate to reality. The story is set in Venice.

The work for the upcoming production in Saarbrücken is lead by director Christoph Diem and dramaturge Holger Schröder. Part of the production team is also scenographer/costume designer Florian Barth, and finally myself (Pär) as composer and musical director. Next stop: horizon will play all music in the show, and the ns:h lineup this time is (apart from myself and Jenny): Magnus Boqvist (drums & electronics) + Johan Renman (vibraphone + orchestral percussion).

This will be so much fun – and we hope to see some of you at Alte Feuerwache in Saarbrücken early next year!

Have a listen to one of the songs for the show: We are bigger. Enjoy!

Find all information about the show here: