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Opening night January 15th – Don’t look now (Wenn die gondeln trauer tragen)

Published January 14, 2017 • Share on Facebook
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Hi there!


We have had 7 weeks of rehearsals at Staatstheater Saarland. Trial and error. Experiment gone wrong. Experiments ending with success. Somehow we moved from a point of knowing almost nothing, to knowing pretty much (!!?) what we’re actually doing on stage together with the amazing acting crew: Roman Konieczny (John), Christiane Motter (Laura), Vanessa Czapla (Heather), Saskia Petzold (Wendy) & Gertrud Kohl. ((You are also good!!!!*) *Internal joke.) It’s an honor to get to work with these people.
Scenographer Florian Barth, Dramaturg Holger Schröder and director Christoph Diem kicks ass too.
We are so grateful to have been given this opportunity again. Fun, exciting and challenging times for sure. Saarbrücken here we go again!

The NS:H lineup is Pär & Jenny + Magnus Boqvist (Drums/Rhodesbass) + Johan Renman (Percussion/Vibraphone). Wow. Sounds pretty awesome if we dare to say…


Tonight GENERAL REHEARSAL with TV team.
Tomorrow OPENING NIGHT!!! – (Don’t look now will then be staged for the first time in history. Pretty cool.)

Find tickets and info here:

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…and yes, you can order the music from DON’T LOOK NOW on Compact Disc. Directly from us. Who knows, perhaps can it be found on Spotify too later on.

Hugs and kisses,